Corporate Practice

Corporate Law

Corporate MAGeneral Corporate Matters. Whether it is entity formation, a simple assignment, or the review of a contract, we handle general corporate matters for both public and private corporations, limited liability companies, and partnerships across Texas.

Mergers and Acquisitions. Our primary focus is on mergers and acquisitions. Whether you are looking to buy or looking to exit the market, a sharp eye on your side during the due diligence process is a must. Most importantly, we get the deal across the finish line. We also assist in compliance matters leading up to a transaction to ensure top dollar valuations for our clients.

Franchises. We represent numerous franchisees across Houston. It all starts with the franchise documents – and negotiation is key. We can assist a business owner looking to start a franchise location, expand a franchise, or even establish a franchise from scratch. Representative clients are national fast-food chains, laboratories, and sandwich shops.

Financing. Whether it is a small business loan or a large credit facility, financing is a very necessary component of business growth. We can review and negotiate the terms of financing.

Tax-Exempt Organizations. We assist in the creation and the maintenance of all types of 501(c) organizations. We can assist an organization in obtaining both federal and state tax exemptions.

Tax Controversy. We can assist with tax controversy at the state and federal level. Whether it is a simple payroll matter or an IRS appeal, we will move the case forward and toward a resolution.


Real Estate Law

Homeowner’s Association. Navigating the world of homeowner and property owner associations can be tricky. It all starts with the dedicatory instruments recorded in the real property records.

Acquisitions and Dispositions. We can assist in the purchase and sale of land, buildings, shopping centers, high-rises, and hotels.

Commercial Leases. We handle office, retail, and ground leasing for property owners and business owners alike.

Residential Leases. The Texas Property Code is full of traps – especially on the residential side. Let us guide you through the requirements of being a landlord.

Real Estate Investing. Interested in dabbling in real estate and getting great returns, but you don’t want to run the show? Real estate investing is common across the Houston area, and is a great way to get started in the real estate business.

Construction. Whether it is multi-family, mixed use, or commercial construction, we handle construction matters.

Real Property Tax Exemptions. If you are a church or other religious organization, chances are you may be eligible for a tax exemption with your local tax appraisal office.

Roll Back Taxes. Have you changed the nature or use of your real property? Need to address roll back taxes in a sale? We can address roll-back taxes with your local county tax office.